roast beef cooking time chart

roast beef cooking time chart
roast beef cooking time chart

Here’s a wellknown roast beef cooking time chart primarily based on the weight of the roast:

Weight rare (120-one hundred twenty five°F) Medium rare (130-135°F) Medium (one hundred forty-one hundred forty five°F) well performed (a hundred and fifty-155°F)
2-3 lbs 35-forty five minutes 45-fifty five mins 55-65 minutes sixty five-75 minutes
Four-5 lbs 45-fifty five mins fifty five-sixty five mins sixty five-75 minutes 75-eighty five minutes
6-7 lbs 55-65 mins sixty five-seventy five minutes 75-eighty five minutes 85-ninety five minutes
Eight-10 lbs sixty five-75 mins 75-85 mins 85-95 minutes ninety five-one hundred and five mins

Please understand that those times are best a standard guide, and the real cooking time can range depending on various of things, together with the desired doneness, the sort of oven, and the beginning temperature of the roast. It is always an amazing idea to apply a meat thermometer to check the inner temperature of the roast, as that is the maximum correct manner to decide doneness.


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